Nuria Della Rosa, who is of both Italian and Spanish origins, was born on March 2, 1977 in Brussels where she was raised. Since her early childhood, she likes painting and drawing.

From the age of 11 to 15, Nuria attended evening classes with Maria Kypréou at the Academy of St Gilles. During this period, she discovered watercolour, a technique that will be later predominant in her work.

Upon completion of high school, she continued her studies at the Beaux-Arts in Brussels as well as at St Marie and obtained a Diploma in Fine Arts. Subsequently, she decided to enter the Jean-Pierre Finotto Make-Up School where she developed her sense of colour and interest in female faces. At the age of 21, Nuria starts a series of very colourful watercolours paintings with pronounced contours focusing on female subject matter; women defined by dualism and childhood memories. At the age of 30, during a trip to Palestine for the shooting of a feature film, she enjoyed, in her spare time, drawing as much as rediscovering the joy of a free and spontaneous line, which became her best ally. Oil pastel and dry pencil techniques mix one with another, sometimes pen incorporates with watercolour. It’s a period of “letting go” inspired by the figure of woman and her multiple faces, which express themselves freely and are brought into opposition in order to find their place and strength in the culmination of work and creation.

A page is turned and at present, Nuria Della Rosa takes a new approach based essentially on emotions. Her purpose is to create different atmospheres and expressive images through her own life experience reflecting what inspires and affects her. It’s a process of inner visualisation towards the outside; always in the search of a central thread that links balance and harmony with human beings’ weaknesses and imperfection of things within a poetic atmosphere imbued both with darkness and light. She explores human nature with its contradictions, fears, doubts, hope and mystery. She values in her work more instincts than concepts. As Anatole France used to say: “In art as in love, instinct is enough”. Nuria Della Rosa is an artist that expresses her sensitivity. “Go beyond appearances and what is perceptible”, that is her motto.
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